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5 Keys to Activate Your True Identity

with Allison Bown

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God has an image of you that existed before time ever was (Psalm 139). So, who did He see you becoming in Christ? And wouldn't you like to have His perspective on your identity, purpose and destiny?

Using 5 Key Questions of Identity, Allison Bown unlocks The Image that God sees, every time He looks at you...and locks up our old perceptions and mindsets about all we feel we are not. These 5 Questions will launch you into a new, fresh understanding and experience of who God really is... and who you really are.

The Life Changing Power Of Rest

What is an Immersion?

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Meet Allison Bown

Allison Bown is a joyful catalyst for people to encounter the passion God has for them - and their relational transformation into The Image God sees of their true identity. As an author, international speaker, consultant and trainer, Allison has worked in a variety of roles over the past decade in creative partnership with Graham Cooke.

She is the author of The Image and Joyful Intentionality, also currently working with Brilliant TV and Brilliant Perspectives in developing innovative ways for people to discover what's possible in Jesus.

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